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Learning Unlimited Week 1

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During our first class back, we learned about the Curb Cut Effect - how accessibility for one group can benefit everyone. We were introduced to Ed Roberts who used a wheelchair due to having polio as a teenager. At the time he was attending school at UC Berkeley, there were no curb cuts for wheelchair users in the city. Ed & his friends created their own curb cuts motivating the city of Berkeley to create them throughout their streets and sidewalks. Curb cuts not only made it easier for wheelchair users to travel, but it made it easier and safer for babies in strollers, bikers, people with walkers or canes, blind people, roller bags, and so much more!

We also created self-portraits thanks to our Salve student Rylie. Rylie shared her own portrait and inspired the class to explore their own identity, things the love, and how they see themselves. Students drew self-portraits surrounded by words & images of their values. We discovered many things we have in common as well as things that make us unique!

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