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William Buckley


My name is Will Buckley and I am from Barrington, RI. Now, I live here in Newport. I have a lot of things that are really important to me, but my job at Downtown Designs, my mom, and Best Buddies are three of the most important. I love to play basketball, take pictures, and take walks. Being the director of Best Buddies makes me really happy. Visiting with my mom and talking to her on the phone makes me so happy as well as making jewelry and clay at Downtown Designs as well as working there. Some of my biggest accomplishments are graduating from highschool, moving out of my mother’s house, moving to Newport, being the Best Buddies director, and swimming at URI for the Special Olympics and winning gold, silver and bronze medals when I used to swim for the swim team. Some of my goals include getting a job for Mondays, working at the Downtown Designs store for three days a week instead of two, and move out of my house now and move into a Shared Living Arrangement at some point down the road.

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