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Steven Casey

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My name is Steven Casey and I am from Connecticut. Three things that are important to me are my job at Clements where I bag groceries. I have worked there for 5 years. I also enjoy spending time with my family which includes my father, mother, brothers, nieces and nephews. I also like to play Wii Bowling on my tablet. I am a community student at Learning Unlimited. One of my goals is to attend Brown University and further my education. I would like to graduate and become a criminal phycologist. Some of my hobbies include taking pictures, painting the fall leaves, art and visiting museums. I also enjoy doing crossword puzzles and going to the planetarium. I like to sing, dance and go on swing sets in the playground. I won an employee award at Clements after being there for five years. I also won gold medals in the speed walking 200m in the Special Olympics. I also would like to grow up and have my own family.

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