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Ian Shepard


I grew up here in Newport, Rhode Island. My family is funny. We like going up to New Hampshire. I have a medium family. I have a sister. We like to go to the movies and go see grandma. I’ve been living in Rhode Island my whole life. I do Special Olympics. I’m a member of the Newport county YMCA team Special Olympics. I have been in Special Olympics for 20 years. I also do volleyball at the Hut which is the Newport Rec. Department. I’m a member of the Rhode Island Beekeepers Association because I’m a beekeeper. 

I’m an Eagle Scout. I did a community service project in which I had to take World War II propellors. I had to clean it, sandblast it, paint it. It came out good. I have a job. I work at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island. When I went to Japan and won a gold medal at the 2005 winter world games, It was an experience I will never forget. I love to hang out with my friends and family. They said I’m a very nice person, kind and incredible. I love doing things with them and I have a good time with them.

I live in my own apartment. I very much enjoy living there. I’m also a beekeeper. I love bees flying, finding the queen in the hive, and making honey so I can harvest it and sell it. I love to garden, watering plants, seeing them flower.

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