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Sean Muldoon


I grew up in Barrington, Rhode Island. I live with my mom, dad, my big brother, my nephews, and my stepsister! I have a big family and enjoying eating food with them. My favorite food is chicken and fries with lots of ketchup!! I love traveling and coming to Newport for Learning Unlimited. I like to play baseball, sail, and swim. I love seeing Mary Poppins. I am extremely proud of how much I love Mary Poppins. My favorite thing to do is see Mary Poppins on Broadway. Someday I want to see Mary Poppins at The Prince Edward Theater in London! In my free time, I like to sing, dance, and perform on stage. I was born to be a star! My favorite book to read is Beauty and the Beast. I also love to watch movies. Some of my favorite movies are Snow White, Camelot, and Barney and friends! I am quite the musician; I love to play instruments. I play the recorder and the trombone! I am also a fantastic baker! I like to bake brownies; I bake them all by myself!

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