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Allison Ashmore


My name is Alison Ashmore, I also like to be called Ali. I am from Portsmouth, Rhode Island. I really like to listen to music, especially Robert Palmer. One of my favorite songs is Addicted Love. I also like to cook, and took classes in my High School. I love to watch Gordan Ramsay on Hells Kitchen. I was even a chef on season 1, but I was both happy and sad that he fired me. I hope to one day open my own Pizza Parlor where I will serve pizza, sandwiches, and all kinds of other foods, drinks, and desserts. I really enjoy spending time with my brother Billy and his wife Crystal, my family, my counselor, and my friends. When I am not watching Hells Kitchen, I am working hard at the Galley. Someday I will retire and move to El Paso, Texas, where I hope to enjoy the warm weather. My favorite toy is my stuffed bear, whose name is Little Bear. My baby niece Rapunzel Rose Ashmore brings me happiness.

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