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Sarah Minifie


Sarah Minifie is a member of Learning Unlimited community. She lives with her mother in Newport RI, where they actually run a bed and breakfast. She loves listening to music, having fun, drinking coffee and traveling. Things that bring her joy are her dog, her job (she’s worked at Stop & Shop for 25 years!), her friends, and her family. Her dog is a Beagle named Logan who loves to sleep in his bed. Sarah loves going on long bike rides in the afternoon in order to get some alone time. During her bike rides she listens to a lot of pop and 80s music, which are her favorite genres! Some of her favorite memories are joining Learning Unlimited and going to visit her sister in Oregon. When her sisters come to visit her during the summer months they usually go to the beach where they go boogie boarding and catch up with each other. She has an infectious laugh and loves when people can laugh along with her. “It’s good to laugh!” – Sarah Minifie FUN FACT: She met Jay Leno while working at Stop & Shop, she bagged his groceries.

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